Swimming pool technology

Sense of well-being thanks to the sophisticated technology

It is since 1973 that we have been dealing with air treatment in indoor swimming pools.
The objective which was not the typical objective of those days consisting of the adaptation of device types to the complex requirements of indoor swimming pool air conditioning was the development of devices which explicitly comply with the said special application field.

This is why, from the beginning, the main focus was on energy efficiency and economic aspects. The first devices were already equipped with heat recovery systems. The second, revolutionary approach was in the area of control technology. While those days it was pretty common to operate devices with external control cabinets and controllers, our devices were "ready to plug in" directly from the start because they had an integrated switching and control unit. In any case, another focus was on the development of adequate control systems.

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The interaction of various parameters, such as:
Temperature-humidity-air quality-pressure relationships
is particularly complex in indoor swimming pools.
With standard controllers the optimisation, especially with regard to energy efficiency, could not be achieved.
This is the reason why corresponding controllers were developed, manufactured and programmed in-house.

The main objective was always that the control systems comply with the system requirements and that not the other way around the system must be operated with standardized specifications.
There is a noticeable additional know-how in the software, which is subject of a constant further development. The experiences and wishes of our customers as well as our own innovations are reflected in it.
The milestones on this path were the market launch of the controller UNICON A in 1998 and currently the latest development with the successor model UNICON C.

Benefit from our decades of experience and the know-how of more than 10,000 delivered devices.

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