Swimming pool technology

Basic Line

The inexpensive entry-level models

  • The dehumidification solutions for the small-sized swimming pool
  • When it comes to the restriction to the essentials
  • Swimming pool dehumidification at an attractive price, easy assembly

Compact Line

Comfortable recuperator technology in a compact form

  • The comfort solutions for the small swimming pool
  • Good indoor swimming pool climate with an additional, perfect air quality
  • Dehumidification, heating, and ventilation with heat recovery

Comfort Line

Well-engineered technology for the highest requirements

  • Maximum level of comfort and economy at the same time.
  • Specially designed for the requirements of high-quality private and hotel bathrooms
  • The powerful technology disappears discreetly in the background

Premium Line

The perfect technology for the professional use

  • Multi-stage heat recovery to guarantee a maximum energy efficiency

Special Line

Custom solutions

  • Devices for special tasks



Air-to-water outdoor pool heat pump

  • ... as a ready-to-connect compact device. The device is for the outdoor installation.