Compact Line: HWR

Compact device for the air treatment

Recuperator device for the rear wall mounting

At a Glance


Technical data


Planning and assembly instructions

  • Compact construction
  • Assembly in adjacent rooms
  • Air renewal through fresh air
  • Heat recovery by means of heat pipe heat exchangers
  • Integrated PWW air heater (heating register) with power reserve to partially cover the heating demand
  • Integrated control valve for air heater (heating register)
  • Constantly regulated supply air temperature
  • Easy assembly

Equipment list

Frame made of powder-coated aluminium. Cladding panels made of sheet steel, powder-coated, and equipped with an internal insulation. Supply and exhaust air connection on the rear, outside and exhaust air connection on the frontal part of the device.
Supply/extract air fan
Centrifugal fans with suction on both sides, direct drive by means of an asynchronous motor.
Recirculation/outside air flap
Two valve leaves opening into opposite directions
Air heater
Heat exchanger for hot water operation ..
Exhaust filter
Filter mat made of high-quality filter fleece.
Energy recovery
Heat pipe heat exchanger for the transfer of energy from the exhaust to the outside air.
Switching and regulating device
with all assemblies for all control and monitoring tasks
consisting of:

  • A fully wired switching unit, equipped with all required components
  • Room hygrostat/thermostat
  • Outside temperature sensor
  • Supply air temperature sensor
  • Antifreeze thermostat
  • Speed controller
  • Control AIRCON A


  • Humidity control
  • Room temperature control
  • Enable "ventilation" (free cooling by means of the outside air)
  • Supply air temperature control, continuous
  • boiler temperature increase
  • Frost protection monitoring
Size 0
Nominal volume flow m3/h 600
Dehumidification performance (at 30°C/60% RH) l/h 5.0
Dehumidification performance according to the standard VDI 2089 l/h 3.7
for water surface up to 1) m2 32
Working temperature range °C from 22 to 35
Total power consumption of KW 0.43
Voltage V 230
Type HWR
1) The exact calculation in accordance with the standard VDI 2089 is required

Alternative equipment

  • Electric heating register


  • Wall bracket to fasten the device to the wall
  • Stand bracket for the installation of the device on the floor

Wall duct set
consisting of:

  • Wall duct (consisting of 2 pieces) made of galvanized sheet steel, equipped with an insulation on the internal part
  • Exhaust air weather protection grille
  • Outside air intake grille equipped with a filter mat
  • Sliding connector equipped with a suction grille and an integrated filter mat (for the exhaust air)
  • Sliding connector equipped with a discharge grille (for the supply air)
  • Flexible connection piece (2 pieces) for the exhaust and supply air

General planning information

  • Determination of the amount of evaporation (according to the standard VDI 2089)
  • Determination of the space requirements and of the appropriate installation site
  • Definition of the openings for the supply and exhaust air
  • Provision of electrical feed to the device
  • Provision of electrical cables from the device to the outside temperature sensor
  • Provision of electrical cables from the device to the room hygrostat/thermostat
  • Provision of a (flow and return) heating connection pipe to the device
  • Provision of a condensate line from the device to the sewer
  • Determination of the position of the core drillings (outside and exhaust air)

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